A restaurant in a
cocktail-club. Or the contrary.

It is often hard to find a place where you can eat and drink well at the same time. to meet this need we opened Le Soulier. A creative place that challenges the status quo and imposes high standards, friendliness and... audacity! At lunchtime, you can count on refined home cooking, sourced locally and responsibly. Yes, it is possible. Come back in the evening for an aperitif dinner with appetizers to share and cocktails. The best of both worlds: restaurant at lunchtime, cocktail club in the evening. Because at Le Soulier, you won’t get caught flat footed.

About Us

C'est qui, nous ?

Maybe we already know each other because, technically, Le Soulier is the little brother of the restaurant Aux pieds sous la table (in the Arnaud Bernard neighborhood). Like him, we are part of the Deux-Mains group; our parent company. A mission-driven company, whose ambition is to prove that another kind of catering is possible: more sustainable, more respectful, more inclusive, fair. This is no easy task in the hospitality industry. Want to know more ?

Our cocktails

Mix, shake, repeat

Discover our menu of carefully crafted and delicately executed cocktails.
Just for you.

  • Goodbye Laulau 11€

    Tequila Vincidad, cordial de poivron rouge fortifié à la vodka, vermouth blanc infusé à la sariette, sirop de romarin & citron

  • Mojito clarifié 11€

    Rhum Bows, citron vert, menthe clarifié au lait

  • Tomate blanche 11€

    Vodka Lehmann, liqueur de tomate, Ayuuk Passilla, citron, sucre, eau de citronnelle, clarifié au lait

  • Only Shake 12€

    Rhum BOWS, shrub d’abricot, verjus, soda pamplemousse, bitter orange

  • Malt Is Funky 11€

    Whisky Lehmann, cordial de gingembre, shrub de fraise, thé noir

  • Believe The Hype 11€

    Eau de Vie de Celeri Lehmann, Salers gentiane, vermouth blanc

  • Le Jardin de l’Ancien 10€

    Gin Lehmann infusé Verveine citronée, sirop de menthe, shrub de fraise, verjus

Cocktail Le Soulier

The lunch

Order, enjoy, recommend

Our menu is short but its quality is great! Every day, depending on what's available, we offer 3 starters, 3 main courses and 2 desserts. That's a lot of combinations.

Plat Le Soulier
  • Main course 15€
  • Starter | Main course 19,50€
  • Main course | Dessert 19,50€
  • Starter | Main course | Dessert 23€

Our Appetizers

Bite, sip, voluptuous pleasure

Homemade hors d'oeuvres, with the freshest ingredients possible?
For us, this is not out of reach.

  • Cromesquis de canard sauce miel hibiscus 9€
  • Cromesquis civet de poulpe et saucisse de Toulouse, beurre bordelais wasabi 11€
  • Gnocchis à l’huile de noix, crème de mozzarella di Buffala grillée au chalumeau, noix de pécan concassées et sauce tomate au sel fumé 9€
  • Cornet tartare de tomate et crémeux mozzarella, crumble tomates séchées, chantilly basilic 9€
Hors-d'œuvres Le Soulier

For lunch or dinner,
I'm coming!


Our opening hours

Le Soulier is open Monday to Friday
(Like that, our team has its weekend).

Have a meal

Monday-Friday : 12H - 14H
Monday-Friday: 7pm - 10pm

Have a drink

Monday-Friday : 14H - 01H

Pour confirmez votre présence à l’inauguration
du Soulier, veuillez entrer vos nom et prénom.

Souhaitez-vous venir accompagné ?